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Mar 21, 2007 BOSS - DD-7 | Digital Delay The DD-7 is equipped with two innovative new delay modes. Modulation Delay provides chorus-flavored sounds. Analog Delay offers a modeled simulation of the classic BOSS DM-2, beloved for its characteristic warmth. External Control. For hands-free control of the DD-7, an external footswitch and Expression pedal (sold separately) can be used. APM Music - Ded Good (DED) Ded Good Music is unashamedly a niche library. It doesn’t aim to offer the most music, but the most usable. It aspires to empower the creative film producer with a unique and seriously fresh collection of funky, ûber cool, mind-blowing inspirational tracks. Ded Good Music is a youthful, edgy and energetic library, producing contemporary tracks that range from the dynamic highs REQUEST AND AUTHORIZATION FOR TDY TRAVEL OF DOD …

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Far from the race of breaking news, catch all the 'Good News' here. The Good Dad Project The Good Dad Project will give you resources and simple ways to ensure you are successfully making that desired connection between Dad and kids unforgettable. Empowering Relationships and Connection with your Kids. One the most important relationships we have in our lives is the relationship with our kids. Learn how to communicate and connect SYSTEM AUTHORIZATION ACCESS REQUEST (SAAR)

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Feb 05, 2020 Good old DD - The Pioneer